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About us

Our values

We believe without reservation:

  • All people have the right to behavioral health and well being
  • All people must be treated with fairness, respect and dignity in a culturally and linguistically competent way
  • With effective treatment and support, recovery from mental illness is achievable
  • Consumers will actively participate in their own recovery and treatment goal
  • Consumers and their families will be at the center in development, delivery, implementation and evaluation of their treatment
  • The system of care must have a structure and process for ensuring access to needed services for potential and current consumers
  • All people must have access to the highest quality and most effective integrated services

Strategic priorities

  • Expand focus to include: promotion, prevention, early intervention, treatment and recovery support across life span
  • Build capacity within key partners to assure mental health literacy integration with primary care, improved access to service
  • Increase ethnic and cultural population access to engagement in services through new innovative strategies
  • Increase community mental health knowledge and understanding to prevent problems, reduce stigma and assure access​

Our Executive Team

Director Sherri Terao

Sherri Terao


Behavioral Health Services

Dr. Tiffany Ho - BHSD executive

Dr. Tiffany Ho

Behavioral Health Medical Director

Mental Health

Dr. Cheryl Ho - BHSD Executive

Dr. Cheryl Ho

Behavioral Health Medical Director

Substance Use Treatment Services

Executive of BHSD

Darren Tan

Deputy Director


Katelyn Lu - BHSD executive of finance

Katelyn (Nhung) Lu

Financial and Administrative Services Manager


Brian Wagner - BHSD executive

Brian Wagner

Director, Analytics and Reporting

Analytics & Reporting

Courtney Gray - BHSD executive

Courtney Gray

Director, Quality Management

Quality Management

Bruce Copley BHSD executive

Bruce Copley


Access and Unplanned Services

Zelia Costa - BHSD executive

Zelia Faria Costa


Children, Youth, and Family System of Care

Margaret Obilor Director of AOA

Margaret Obilor


Adult/Older Adult System of Care

Soo Jung

Soo Jung


Adult and Older Adult System of Care