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Send us your concerns and complaints

Problem resolution process

If you are unhappy with any issue related to the behavioral health services you are receiving, you could use the Behavioral Health Services Department’s problem resolution process to try and resolve your concerns.

Mental Health Department (MHD) Problem Resolution Process

How can I start the problem resolution process?

Complete the Grievance and Appeal form and send it to the Quality Assurance Program at:

Quality Assurance Program
P.O. Box 28504
San Jose, CA 95159

Who else can help me?

Contact the Law Foundation of Silicon Valley, Health Program (formerly: Mental Health Advocacy Project)

Intake line: (408) 280-2420

at: (800) 248-MHAP or (408) 294-9730

Problem Resolution Process​ for Substance Use Treatment Services (SUTS)

To start the process, you can either:

  1. Complete the Grievance & Appeal form and give it to your provider,  drop it off, or mail it to:
    976 Lenzen Ave, 3rd Floor
    San Jose, CA 95126 
    Attention: Clinical Standards Coordinator
  2. You may call the Quality Improvement Coordinator at 1 (800) 704-0900 for assistance in filing your complaint or to speak with an on-call staff from your managed care plan.​​​

Who else can help me?

Contact the Mental Health Advo​cacy Project​ at: 1 (800) 248-MHAP or 1 (408) 294-9730