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African Immigrant Community

Mental Health is a Condition, not a curse…. Begin your path to recovery.


Outreach and education

  • Mental health first aid: we hold the free class on the Ethiopian, Somali and Eritrean community centers.
  • Cultural specific activities
    • We hold cultural festival and celebration in different locations. Please call staff for date, time and location.
  • Outreach at community events
    • We attend different community events to engage with consumers and family members and provide mental health and resource information.
  • Group support and education
    • We have three monthly support groups in a different community. Please call the staff for current group support date, time and location.
  • Consumer and family support and education
    • We try to help refugee and immigrant families needing support and information. We provide limited one –one support to consumers, family and we connect to appropriate mental health services.
  • Advocacy
    • We attend planning meeting to advocate for our community on mental health board.