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Get adult outpatient treatment services

Outpatient treatment offers a variety of non-residential services and programs to meet the client's treatment needs. Services involve case management, treatment planning, individual and group counseling, family therapy, patient education, crisis intervention, recovery services and discharge planning. Services may be provided in person, by telephone, or by telehealth in any appropriate setting in the community.

Outpatient treatment​​

Outpatient providers coordinate with other supportive services including primary health care and recovery services and providers. We also work with social services, housing, and community resources. Outpatient services consist of up to 9 hours of services per week.

Beneficiaries who attend can go to school or work and may continue to live at home but are in need of treatment services beyond traditional outpatient programs may be referred to intensive outpatient services. Intensive outpatient provides services up to 19 hours per week.

Services are provided to individuals with a co-occurring disorder such as mental health issues or physical health problems. Upon screening and assessment of a client's needs, an individual may be referred to partial hospitalization outpatient treatment, where they will have access to medical, psychological and psychiatric services through consultation or referral. Partial hospitalization is an outpatient service of a minimum of 20 or more hours of service per week.

In addition to the basic services provided by all treatment programs, perinatal-specific programming (pregnant or parenting) may include education on alcohol and drug use during pregnancy, breastfeeding, parenting skills and child development, as well as referrals for prenatal care, primary pediatric care and immunizations for dependent children. Additional services include on-site childcare for children up to age three and transportation to and from treatment sessions.