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Behavioral health urgent care (BHUC)

Behavioral Health Urgent Care (BHUC) is a walk-in outpatient clinic for County of Santa Clara residents who are experiencing behavioral health crisis and need help.

Behavioral Health Urgent Care provides screening, assessment, crisis intervention, referral and short-term treatment for adolescents and adults.

As a consumer-focused program, Behavioral Health Urgent Care’s goals are to provide immediate relief to people in distress and to help them maintain stability in their lives. The program is designed to avoid involuntary hospitalization, psychiatric emergency room visits, and incarceration.

FSP services may include

  • Community outreach and engagement 
  • Cultural and language services 
  • Therapy and case management 
  • Peer and parent support services 
  • 24/7 assessment and crisis services 
  • Self-Help and family support groups 
  • Support services for education and employment 
  • Treatment related transportation support
  • Temporary housing if needed


  • Assistance with medical care services
  • Help with obtaining benefits if you qualify
  • Referrals to payee services 
  • Access to substance abuse services if needed