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Get emergency psychiatric services

Emergency Psychiatric Services (EPS) is the only 24-hour locked psychiatric emergency room, which provides emergency psychiatric care to residents of County of Santa Clara. Nearly all our patients are on involuntary psychiatric holds (5150’s). Behavioral Health Urgent Care (BHUC) operates a walk-in crisis clinic, with a psychiatrist on duty, seven days a week for those seeking voluntary services.

Patients who are hospitalized after discharge?

For those hospitalized, many are admitted to Barbara Arons Pavilion (BAP) Acute Psychiatric Hospital, County of Santa Clara Valley Medical Center’s inpatient unit. Because so many patients require hospitalization and we cannot house everyone, EPS has a broad network of contacts with other mental health treatment facilities.

If the patient gives consent, the nurse will let a designated friend or family know where the hospitalization will occur. The patient has the right to refuse this release of information, and EPS is bound to honor this. For conserved patients or minors, EPS will always notify the guardian of the release.

Can you visit a patient at EPS?

Visiting is allowed at EPS, however visits must be pre-scheduled, and can be restricted. If the doctor does not feel a visit will be beneficial for the patient’s treatment, it may be prohibited. All visits must be monitored by nursing staff, with provision for privacy.