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Marijuana and Pregnancy


Marijuana and Pregnancy

There is no research showing that marijuana helps with nausea or morning sickness. You should talk to your doctor to get safer alternatives.

No, but your baby may have a lower birth weight, which may cause your baby to have health issues such as difficulty breathing, eating, gaining weight, jaundice, and fighting off infections.

Marijuana can affect your baby’s brain development leading to doing poorly in school, trouble with thinking,  problem-solving, memory, planning, impulsivity, and attention.

Relaxation techniques, meditation or therapy can help with stress and anxiety. The websites: TheBump and BabyCenter, have advice for dealing with stress and pregnancy.

Marijuana comes from a plant, as does heroin and cocaine. Medications given by your doctor have been shown to be safe for pregnant women.

Marijuana today is much stronger than it was 10-50 years ago. The average amount of THC in marijuana is about 10 times higher now.

It's true, there are flaws in some of the research. But there is enough good evidence to say that it's better to be safe than sorry.

Like cigarettes, marijuana smoke contains toxic chemicals which can go to your developing fetus.

Edibles are healthier for adults than smoking, however, the marijuana enters your body it will still get to your baby.

Using less marijuana is better, but we don’t know how much is too much. We think it's best not to use any during pregnancy.

About 9% of marijuana users are addicted, and stopping for your pregnancy won’t be easy. If you need help, there are programs and support groups available.