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Learn about adult and older adult specialty services

Adult and older adults' specialty services provide adults aged 18 –​ 59 and older adults 60+ with behavioral health needs. If you have needs which leave you unable to do basic self-care skills, you may be able to get behavioral health services for mental health, substance use and other types of co-occurring disorders.


Adult and older adults specialty services

CalWORKs Outpatient Services serves individuals and their family members enrolled in the California Back to Work Program. This service is for adults, older adults 60+ years, and families who are experiencing behavioral health issues. The symptoms and history of these behavioral health issues show that a person and/or family would benefit from services to help them be more independent. Services are specific to each person’s age, maturity, culture, family values, education, and physical health. The goal is to help individuals manage family, work and social issues and return to the workforce. Services are available to people from different cultures, backgrounds and those who speak different languages. 

Eating disorders are a complex, and yet treatable set of conditions that need many services and support. Eating disorders often start in in the early to late teen years, but may start in adulthood, or may not be recognized until adult years. Help involves a combination of therapy, nutrition and health monitoring, and may include taking medications. There are a range of services from residential to outpatient, to help clients return to and stay in better health and recover. Services are based on assessment of the persons needs and approval is needed by a care coordinator.

Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) is a medical treatment most commonly used with individuals who have severe mental illness, such as major depression or bipolar disorder that have not responded to other treatments. ECT can be provided in an outpatient or inpatient setting. The Inpatient Hospital Liaison will work with the specific person’s managed care plan and medical director to make a decision, and if approved, they will work on getting treatment.  

Older adult (60+) Prevention and Early Intervention Services are for older adults who may benefit from behavioral health services but have not received any consistent behavioral health services over the previous year. Providing early treatment that will prevent the individuals from needing more extensive services. The staff provide mental health counseling, anger management and socialization programs. There is an emphasis on working with home-bound adults with signs of isolation, anxiety, depression, intra-familial discord, general neglect, and substance abuse.

  • Mental health consultation with interventions;
  • Anger management guidance; and
  • Socialization programs with a mental health emphasis

This service is for adults and older adults 60+ who have behavioral health needs whose symptoms and history show that the individual needs services to keep them in the community. Behavioral health needs may include anxiety, depression, trauma, bipolar, posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), substance use and others.
Outpatient providers use Evidenced Based Practices (EBP) that have been proven to be helpful. Services are specific to each person's age, maturity, culture, family values, education, and physical health.